Why should you see a therapist who can provide Christian Counseling?

Many Christian believers appreciate knowing that their therapist is also a Christian.  It can be a very helpful experience to know that your therapist understands your view of life from the Christian perspective, and can empathize more fully with your struggles because of the common faith that is shared between you both.

I work with people who are believers in Christ, as well as with people who believe in other spiritual practices, or who choose not to participate in any spiritual beliefs.  I respect the individual preferences of each of my clients and would never impose my personal faith or beliefs on anyone.

However, I am available to provide "Christian Counseling" to psychotherapy clients who request to have their Christian faith supported and encouraged in their counseling sessions with me.

In Christian Counseling, I seek to help guide my clients into a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to assist them in finding forgiveness and relief.  I also encourage my clients to develop values and lives lives that are based on the Lord's Word, instead of worrying ourselves to measure up to the world's standards and expectations for us.

For me, I believe that at the center of all Christian helping is the influence of the Holy Spirit.  His presence and influence can make the Christian Counseling experience very unique.  He is the Comforter and Helper who teaches "all things," reminds us of the Lord's sayings, can convict us of sin, and guides us into all truth.  

I am available to begin or end sessions by participating in prayer with my clients when prompted by their personal request.  I can also encourage my clients with Bible scriptures that I consider may be relevant to their current struggle or presenting situation.

"...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. " (2 Cor. 3:17)

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