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"...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. " (2 Cor. 3:17)
But, it is possible to learn how to have a healthy balance between taking care of ourselves, our children, and our marriages.*  

Do you have an adolescent son or daughter who's unhappy, or arguing with you more often lately?

Would you like to learn new ways to communicate with your teen in which you both can feel heard and understood by one another?  
Are you and your partner becoming parents for the first time?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or confused by feelings that are coming up for you as you struggle to figure out your new roles as mom and dad?
It takes time to adjust to our new roles as parents.  And, our relationship with our spouse can also be challenged as we are faced with new parental responsibilities and less time available to spend alone with our spouse.  

Do you want to experience more love and support in your family?
Is there conflict in your family that just won't go away?
I have been contracted with county mental health departments in the past to provide intensive family therapy in private homes to help keep families together. My counseling supported adolescents with severe emotional disturbances and families with conflict that escalated to the point of violence and threats within these families. During those years I helped families create new foundations for growth, love, and respect. I learned that there is always hope when a family is willing to do whatever it takes to build trust and understanding together.
When we can develop new tools to repair family relationships and have a willingness to put the effort into restoring love and unity within the family, we can build the new foundation and communication necessary to mend the conflicts and discover better ways of relating with one another.*
You're welcome to call me, and we can talk together about what's going on in your family.  I am available for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.  I can be reached at: 310-561-0358.  

I know how it can be hard to request support, and I commend you for beginning to take yourself and your family on the road towards healing.  Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

God bless you, 

Patricia Andershock, MFT
Christian Counselor

MFT License#: 41850

*The results described above are not a guarantee of services.  Individual results of counseling may vary.
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